Hollywood Carbon Peal

What is the Hollywood Carbon Peel?

Smooth, unblemished skin always looks the best. Makeup stays on better and one does not have to struggle with covering up pigment spots, vessels, irregular lesions, etc. Many of the changes from day-to-day wear-and-tear, sun damage, dryness and microabrasions result in such changes.

The long-pulse Nd:YAG laser can be administered in various durations: 300 msec, 600 msec, Nanoseconds and Picoseconds. It has been found that using these long-pulsed 1064nm Nd:YAG lasers, one can cause changes in the deep dermis which gives an improvement in surface irregularities: in other words, improvement of the superficial wrinkles.

In order to improve the area of the epidermis, carbon is applied to the face, neck or chest and allowed to soak into the pores and skin irregularities. Application of the Nd:YAG laser has been shown to eradicate this carbon and causing local tissue changes which result in an improvement in the texture, pores and color of the skin. This has been termed the “Hollywood Carbon Peel” because it is very popular before big occasions as the treatment has no downtime.

Dark circles around the eyes treated with picosecond lasers and peels by Treatment of pores by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCCS Dark circles around eyes treated by Dr BCK Patel MD of Salt Lake City and St George, Utah

Reduction of pores and skin irregularitis with the Picosecond laser using a combined Carbon Peel and Direct deep tissue manipulation with the laser

Treatment of pores by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCCS Dark circles around eyes treated by Dr BCK Patel MD of Salt Lake City and St George, Utah

An example of excellent reduction in pore size with the use of the picosecond laser in the fractionated mode combined with the carbon. There is an improvement in the pores, texture and color of the skin

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With repeat treatments, a substantial improvement in pores and skin irregularities may be achieved.

What Causes Dark Eyelid Circles?

Most races suffer from dark circles, especially on the lower lids, but also on upper eyelids and below the brows. They are often racial and familial. They are caused by a number of factors including hyperpigmentation, dehydration, vascular changes deep to the thin eyelid skin, sun damage, trauma. Until now, all sorts of creams have been promoted for the management of this condition with limited success. When treated with appropriate Ascorbic acid lotions and the use of the carbon peel and the Nd:Yag lasers, an improvement can finally be obtained in the appearance of dark circles

Weddings - Anniversaries - Reunions

Even if you are stuck for time, one or two of these Hollywood Carbon Laser peels will leave your skin looking rejuvenated and fresh. Come and see what we can do for you.